Published Apr 29, 2024
By Team Warden

Introducing WARP: The Dynamic Token Enhancing Warden Protocol Ecosystem

WARP, the dynamic counterpart to WARD, is set to redefine engagement and participation within the Warden Protocol ecosystem. Here's a comprehensive overview:

  • TL;DR: WARP serves as a liquid representation of WARD airdrop points, fostering gamification and virality within the airdrop process. It will be distributed periodically to eligible participants and is swappable for USDC thanks to a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event giving the unique opportunity to be exposed to the future $WARD before its TGE.

  • Objective: Unlike traditional airdrop campaigns, the objective of WARP is to gamify the airdrop process, making eligibility for the $WARD airdrop transferable and tradeable, enhancing user engagement.

  • Distribution: During the airdrop period, participants accrue "WARP Points" based on a leaderboard tracked via the Warden Airdrop website, which can be redeemed for $WARP tokens. The first unique way to accumulate points is to participate in the WARP LBP on Fjord (!!!)

  • Value Proposition: WARP tokens will be available on decentralized exchanges, swappable in LBPs for USDC, and claimable via the Warden Airdrop website, fostering liquidity and tradability.

Why Fjord? The Optimal Platform for WARP's Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

Fjord Foundry emerges as the ideal platform for hosting WARP's Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool due to its commitment to fairness, transparency, and community empowerment.

  • Community Focus: Fjord Foundry prioritizes community engagement and support, aligning perfectly with WARP's vision of inclusivity and empowerment.

  • Fair Distribution: Fjord's LBPs offer a level playing field for all participants, ensuring equitable token distribution without dominance from large investors.

  • Seamless Experience: Fjord provides an intuitive environment for both project teams and individual backers, streamlining token distribution and liquidity generation processes.

Do you want to know more about the LBP?

Understanding Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs)

LBPs play a crucial role in generating liquidity and distributing digital tokens in a transparent and equitable manner:

  • Dynamic Pricing: LBPs employ dynamic pricing mechanisms similar to Dutch auctions, allowing participants to influence token prices by entering the pool at desired points.

  • Equitable Participation: LBPs promote broader participation, ensuring fair token distribution without dominance from large investors.

  • Interactive Dynamics: Participants can strategically engage with LBPs, leveraging changes in token weights and pricing to optimize their entry points.


1. Where does the LBP happen?  

The LBP will be on Fjord Foundry, and on the Base blockchain.

2. When does the LBP happen?  

The LBP Phase for WARP commences on April 30, 2024, at 04.00 PM UTC

3. Is WARP going to be listed on CEXs?  

WARP will be listed on decentralized exchanges initially, with discussions underway for potential listings on tier 1 CEXs.

4. What partnerships or builders are associated with the Warden Protocol ecosystem?  

Warden Protocol boasts a robust ecosystem with over:

  • 2 Testnet

  • 400+ validators

  • 290K+ wallets interacted with the protocol

  • 50k spaces created

  • and partnerships with various builders contributing to the project's growth.

5. What is the relation between WARP and WARD token?

WARP serves as the dynamic counterpart to WARD within the Warden Protocol ecosystem, fueling engagement and participation. 1 WARP = 1 WARD

6. What is the supply of WARP?

  • For the LBP: The Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool allocates a specific supply of WARP tokens, ensuring availability for participants - 1,250,000 WARP tokens (0.5% of the supply)

  • For the WARP Points Campaign: A designated supply of WARP tokens is allocated for distribution based on accrued airdrop points, enhancing engagement - 2,800,000 (1.11% of the supply)

  • For the Treasury: A portion of the total WARP supply is reserved for the treasury, facilitating project development and ecosystem growth - 625,000 (0.25% of the supply) 

  • Locked WARP: 245,325,000 (98.14% of the supply). IMPORTANT: those locked tokens WON’T BE UNLOCKED. They serve as a representation of the 1:1 exchange rate between WARP and WARD. You can find more information on WARD Tokenomics (the token powering Warden Protocol and Ecosystem) here: Distribution | Warden Protocol Docs

7. What are the useful links?

With WARP's innovative Tokenomics and Fjord Foundry's commitment to fairness, the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool presents a unique opportunity for participants to engage with the Warden Protocol ecosystem and get exposure to WARD (Warden Protocol Mainnet Token) before TGE. Join the WARP LBP and become a part of the decentralized future.