Published May 30, 2024
By Team Warden

The Open Custody Protocol Keychain powered by Fordefi’s MPC Platform

In a groundbreaking move, the Open Custody Protocol (OCP) has completed the  deployment of Warden's inaugural third-party Keychain. This strategic partnership marks a significant leap forward in  blockchain interoperability and security, and solidifies Warden's L1 modular offering for OApps users and builders.  

The collaboration between Warden and Open Custody Protocol represents a convergence of cutting-edge technologies and expertise, with each partner contributing unique strengths to the initiative. As Warden's first third-party Keychain operator, the OCP brings to life its mission of simplifying connectivity between protocols and builders and advanced key management solutions, by leveraging Fordefi's wallet infrastructure to provide next-generation MPC solutions.

Furthermore, this Keychain, takes advantage of innovative features likey Warden Protocol's immutable Intent Engine, that acts as a gatekeeper, verifying transactions based on user-defined intents, and prioritizing security and transparency.

Keychain operators are a critical participant in the Warden ecosystem that boost the utility and demand of WARD, Warden’s native gas token, having the flexibility to charge fees for key and signature requests at the protocol transaction level, creating a sustainable revenue stream in WARD tokens and fostering ecosystem growth with native demand.

In summary, the partnership between Open Custody Protocol and Warden Protocol, represents a significant milestone in the evolution of modular key management. By introducing Warden's first third-party Keychain, this collaboration brings together the expertise, technology, and innovation needed to drive forward the next generation of decentralized finance and omnichain applications.

Open Custody Protocol will deploy further Keychain integrations with advanced key management solutions during the coming months, including fully distributed MPC protocols and Tier1 trusted custodians to provide a wide range of options to Warden Protocol users. With a focus on security, autonomy, and user empowerment, this initiative reaffirms Warden's commitment to building a more accessible and modularly secure ecosystem for all.