Published Jun 3, 2024
By Team Warden

Warden Protocol Genesis Campaign - Phase 2: Incentivized Testnet

As we recently launched ‘Buenavista’ incentivized testnet, we are now thrilled to announce our Genesis Campaign Phase 2. This new phase will be focused on offchain & onchain activities that will help us scale the Warden Protocol community. Our aim is to onboard active community members with our gamified leaderboard experience that will ultimately reward contributions with WARP tokens; a liquid tokenized representation of your activity.

The Leaderboard

Our Incentivized Testnet Leaderboard offers a gamified onboarding experience that will allow you to get onboard with the Warden Protocol ecosystem by:

  • Creating an offchain/onchain profile.

  • Completing one-time quests.

  • Completing recurring quests.

Offchain Quests:

At the beginning of the onboarding, you will create a user profile that will be a combination of your social accounts (X, Telegram, Discord) and your onchain addresses. Then, you will be able to redeem points by joining our Telegram, Discord and Interacting with Warden Protocol X posts. Ultimately, posting $WARD on X as well as engaging posts with the @wardenprotocol tag will be rewarded (the more engagement you get, the more points you earn).

Onchain Quests:

After completing the onboarding process, you will be able to earn points by interacting with Warden Protocol Buenavista Testnet as well as SpaceWard; the intent-centric OmniApp maintained by our core team. The more you interact with the network and SpaceWard, the more points you will earn.

The WARP Token

WARP is the first alt token of the Warden Protocol ecosystem and a Liquid Representation of Your Genesis Campaign Airdrop Points. It makes a portion of your airdrop points fully transferable and tradable on Base. HODL your WARP to be eligible for the future WARD airdrop, or feed your inner degen and trade the WARP markets on Uniswap or MEXC.

That’s not all because we also recently announced that WARP will be used as the utility token of YieldWard; the second OApp to be released on Warden Protocol. YieldWard will allow you to lock liquidity to collect sustainable yield based on multiple DeFi protocols.

Finally, the WARP supply has been recently burned to a total supply of 4,675,000 tokens making it a scarce resource.

Read more about WARP

The WARD Token

WARD is the native utility token integral to the Warden Protocol ecosystem. It is designed to facilitate various operations such as governance, staking, protocol fees and as a medium of payment for operators.

Fair Launch Mechanism:

The WARD token distribution will adopt a fair launch mechanism. This approach ensures a wide and equitable distribution of tokens, preventing market manipulation and ensuring a rapid distribution of stakeholders and community governance as the majority of the supply will be unlocked day 1 to reduce the delta between MC & FDV.


The Warden Protocol will distribute WARD to stakeholders to incentivise behaviours that add value to the Warden ecosystem.

Incentive Programmes

  1. Ecosystem & Community Incentives - these incentives will be used to grow the ecosystem and further the long-term interests of the protocol,

  2. Developer Incentives - these incentivises are for developers building and deploying applications on Warden. Additionally, an Activity Mining Programme will be launched rewarding applications that reach certain milestones (e.g. total value locked, monthly active users), and their users.

  3. R&D Programmes - where Warden Protocol would benefit from additional core functionality, or integrations, Warden will commission work to developer teams to contribute to the core execution layers of the protocol.

Read more about WARD

Phase 2: Incentivized Testnet

This phase will start this Monday, June 3, 2024 at 4.30pm UTC and will last until we announce our Mainnet. To participate, you will need to join our Leaderboard page and complete the quests that are listed there after the onboarding phase.

How to participate?

  • Go to Leaderboard Page

  • Complete the Onboarding Quests

  • Complete the Daily offchain & onchain Quests

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