Published Apr 30, 2024
By Team Warden

Introducing a New Intent Era in DeFi with Warden Protocol's Partnership with Skip

We are excited to announce that Warden Protocol is partnering with Skip to integrate the high-performance price oracles of Slinky into our ecosystem. This groundbreaking collaboration brings advanced on-chain restaked oracles, known for their speed, security and reliability, to our protocol.

Slinky uses a state of the art restaked oracle design to meet the demands of modern DeFi. Trusted by major chains and perpetual protocols, it provides price updates with millisecond-level precision on a per-block basis, ensuring accuracy and speed.

By integrating these on-chain restaked price oracles into Warden Protocol, we're significantly enhancing our intent engine's capabilities. This partnership allows users to create highly specific intents, such as conditional triggers based on USD notional values, or for example, setting intentional limit orders for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The possibilities with this integration are virtually limitless, propelling Warden Protocol to new heights.

OApps builders can now seamlessly incorporate on-chain price oracles into their applications, unlocking the potential of Warden's intent engine while maintaining a high level of security and performance. This advancement not only benefits Warden Protocol but also offers builders in the DeFi space an opportunity to create innovative solutions with unparalleled efficiency.

Key Features of This Integration:

  • Secured by Warden Protocol's Validator Set: This integration uses the chain's security framework, ensuring rapid price updates without relying on third-party systems. OApps builders can confidently embed this technology in their products.

  • Exceptional Performance: With millisecond-fresh price updates for every block, this oracle system can support over 2,000 different currencies, providing unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Some of the most innovative builders in the DeFi space, like DyDx, Berachain, Osmosis, and Neutron, are already harnessing these capabilities.

We're excited to bring these high-performance price oracles to the Buenavista Testnet in Q2, marking a significant step forward for Warden Protocol and our entire community. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative journey!