New: Introducing the OApp Paradigm

Modular L1 Blockchain Infrastructure for Omnichain Applications

We empower developers to simply launch secure OApps

Introducing OAppsBreakthrough Experiences, Simplified

OApps are modularly secure, omnichain interoperable and chain abstracted evolutions of traditional smart contract applications.

Modular SecurityUnbundled Modular Security

Put your guards up with modular security parameters. OApps modular security stack embeds user intents into the applications security architecture.

Omnichain Interoperabilityprintln!(“Hello, Omnichain Interoperability”)

Move beyond single chain experiences and reach 10x more users with our permissionless interoperability layer, enabling connectivity across more than 100 chains.

Chain AbstractionInvisible Chains

Experiences and products matter to users, not chains and infrastructure. We take the difficult task of abstracting the complexity of blockchain elements and removing siloes, so you can focus on what matters most.

Developer FirstOApp Infrastructure At Your Fingertips

Native support for keychains, intents and integrations with leading wallets, block explorers, cross-chain bridges, oracles and more.

Immutable - Censorship Resistant - Permissionless

Open Source
From Day 1

Everything we do is open source. Dive into our GitHub to track the milestones shaping our journey.

January 2024

Introduction to Warden Protocol

Q1 2024

WARD Token Paper

Docs Site

Alfama Testnet launch

SpaceWard (Alpha Version)

Keychain (WardKMS)

EVM WalletConnect support

OG QRDO Snapshot

Q2 2024

Incentivized Buenavista Testnet for validators, builders and users
Keychain SDK
Omnichain Interoperability (native bridge functionality)
🟠 Keychain Marketplace
Intents 0.5
🟠 Buenavista Testnet Governance
🟠 High Performance in built native price oracles
🟠 Real Assets Support
🟠 OPEN and Supported Protocols Snapshot

Q3 2024

🪂 Mainnet and Genesis event
🟠 SpaceWard (main release)
🟠 Wallet integrations
🟠 Distributed Multisig Keychains

Q4 2024

🟠 Intents Engine 1.0

Developer First

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Built-in support for keychains and intents and integrations with leading wallets, explorers, bridges, oracles and more.