Published Apr 18, 2024
By Team Warden

Introducing Buenavista Testnet, our next-gen Modular L1 Blockchain Infrastructure for Omnichain Applications

The Warden team is excited to announce a significant advancement in our journey towards the Warden Protocol mainnet. Following the highly successful Alfama testnet phase, we are thrilled to introduce the next step in our progress—the Buenavista testnet.

Over the last six weeks, the Alfama testnet served as a foundational experience for our community, showcasing the potential of the Warden Protocol for both users and developers. With interactions from over 200,000 wallets, creation of 45,000 spaces in SpaceWard, nearly 60,000 keys generated via keychains, and support from over 400 validators, it's been an exhilarating beginning.

The Buenavista testnet promises substantial enhancements to the protocol, along with exciting new features designed to empower developers to effortlessly launch modular omnichain applications, or OApps. Key enhancements in Buenavista include:

  • CosmWasm: Facilitates the deployment of OApps opening a new world for builders.

  • Omnichain interoperability: native bridge functionality for seamless interoperability between EVM and Cosmos-based chains connecting over 100+ chains (to come). 

  • Intents configurator: Allows for advanced security configuration.

  • High-performance in built price oracle: Natively operated by validators for reliable and performant data.

  • Advanced Modular Security: Includes new intent configurator, OCP Keychains, and price oracles.

  • Real Assets Support: Enhancements in keychain technology to support beyond testnet assets.

A full detailed list of changes can be found in our Github repository. 

In celebration of this pivotal advancement, we are proud to release our Whitepaper, detailing our vision for the Warden Protocol as a modular L1 blockchain infrastructure for omnichain applications. You are invited to review and download the White Paper from our docs site, here. 

Join us in shaping the future of modular blockchain technology.