Published Apr 2, 2024
By Team Warden

Introducing MetaMask Snaps Integration

As we are building the foundations of both Warden Protocol and SpaceWard, we are thrilled to announce a new integration with MetaMask Snaps. This integration represents a significant step forward reducing the friction when interacting with Warden Protocol and facilitating the onboarding of EVM users within the Warden Ecosystem.

Understanding SpaceWard and Warden Protocol

What is SpaceWard?

SpaceWard is the main decentralized application (dApp) built and maintained by the Warden Protocol core team. Its purpose is to allow users to leverage intent-based, secure cross-chain interactions with a blockchain agnostic approach.

The Warden Protocol: A Cosmos SDK Layer 1

Blockchain Warden Protocol is a modular general purpose blockchain infrastructure whose aim is to allow developers to deploy rollapps such as SpaceWard with a cross-chain intent-centric approach.

MetaMask Snaps and Its Role

An Overview of MetaMask Snaps

MetaMask Snaps is a technical solution designed to enhance the capabilities of the popular MetaMask wallet. It enables EVM users to interact with Cosmos SDK blockchains and applications directly from their MetaMask interface.

How MetaMask Snaps Works

MetaMask Snaps functions by allowing users to install "snaps" or plugins that extend the wallet's functionality. This means users can interact with multiple blockchains and dApps without needing to switch wallets or platforms.

Integrating SpaceWard with Warden MetaMask Snaps

The Significance of the Integration

The integration of SpaceWard with MetaMask Snaps marks a significant milestone. It bridges the gap between the Warden Protocol ecosystem and MetaMask's extensive user base, offering a seamless experience for EVM users.

How the Integration Works

Now, with the groundbreaking MetaMask Snap feature, you can seamlessly integrate your Test Warden Protocol generated Ethereum addresses directly into MetaMask Flask, ushering in a new era of convenience and accessibility - you will be able to see those addresses tagged “Warden Protocol” in your MetaMask Flask Wallet.


As we are in testnet ensure you have MetaMask Flask installed, the developer-centric version. Once the final version is released, it will be available through the standard orange MetaMask extension. We will need to be whitelisted to have it in the original MetaMask, pending security audit.

  • Install MetaMask Flask: To install MetaMask Flask, refer to the official guide, MetaMask Flask Installation Guide

  • Deactivate the standard orange MetaMask extension to prevent conflicts with MetaMask Flask.

  • Do not store real assets or your current seed phrase on MetaMask Flask. Remember, this is a Developers' Version.

How to use Metamask Snaps to connect to SpaceWard

You can refer to our Documentation Tutorial:

You can refer to the Video Community Tutorial Below

The integration of SpaceWard with MetaMask Snaps is a significant development for Warden Protocol. It not only enhances the user experience for EVM users willing to interact with SpaceWard, but also represents a broader move towards interoperability and user-centric design. This integration paves the way for the Warden ecosystem growth in the future, promising a more interconnected and efficient environment.