Published Mar 7, 2024
By Team Warden

SpaceWard: A Sneak Peek Into Our Aggregated Multichain Universe

As we've been deep in the trenches, tirelessly working to launch Warden Protocol very first public testnet — the Alfama Testnet— we've also been cooking up something special on the side: SpaceWard. Warden Protocol, in essence, is the backbone of our ecosystem, masterfully managing key operations from diverse Keychains, guiding transaction intentions with our early version of intents, and navigating assets in a world where multiple blockchains coexist. However, we quickly realized that for builders and users to truly thrive in this multichain world, and to unleash Warden’s chain aggregation capabilities, they needed a one-stop shop —a single, streamlined platform to aggregate all their activities, wallets and assets.

It's with great excitement that we announce the arrival of SpaceWard's alpha version, perfectly timed with the Alfama Testnet launch. This early edition is up and running on the Ethereum Sepolia Testnet and the Warden Protocol Alfama Testnet, enabling users to generate Sepolia addresses and dive into the world of Sepolia dApps.

But what exactly can you do with SpaceWard? Imagine this: generating and managing all your wallets across any blockchain, choosing your transaction intents with ease, sending and receiving assets without a hitch, and connecting to your favorite dApps to interact like never before. SpaceWard is not just a tool; it's your personal aggregated portal in the vast universe of blockchain.

Remember, though, this alpha release is just a sneak peek of what's to come. The version you see today is a glimpse into the future; a starting point. The mainnet version of SpaceWard will be simpler to use, more visually appealing, packed with even more features, and rock-solid stable. We're at a stage where your input can genuinely help shape SpaceWard's evolution, turning it into the ultimate portal for navigating the web3 world across multiple chains.

For now, as we tread through the testnet phase, we urge you to play it safe and stick with testnet assets—think Ethereum Sepolia and testnet WARD from our faucet. It's a golden opportunity to experiment and explore without any real-world risks.

Join us on this journey. Your insights, your feedback, and your enthusiasm are what will make SpaceWard not just a tool, but a community hub for the future of web3. Let's build this future together, one block at a time.

You can test SpaceWard on Alfama Testnet now, click here!