Published Mar 13, 2024
By Team Warden

Warden Protocol Genesis Campaign - Phase 1: Offchain

As our protocol is currently under active development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Genesis Campaign Phase 1. This first phase will be focused on offchain activity that will help us promote Warden Protocol and its upcoming dApps. Our aim is to onboard active community members with a gamified experience that will ultimately reward contributions with a share of the WARD utility token airdrop.

Warden Protocol

Warden Protocol is an intent-centric protocol, built on the Cosmos SDK, that enables various execution layers for interoperability, modular key management and account aggregation.


At the heart of Warden Protocol are Intents. Think of Intents as the protocol's understanding of your transaction objectives, without the rigidity of traditional policies. Depending on your Intent, transactions are executed differently. The protocol interprets your Intent and takes the necessary actions to ensure that your transaction aligns with your goals.


Addressing the dynamic landscape of the digital asset industry, Warden Protocol introduces "Keychains" as your solution to independently hold key materials. This move reduces centralization, promoting flexibility by onboarding multiple MPCs or broader Key Management Solutions (KMS) simultaneously.

The WARD Token

WARD is the native utility token integral to the Warden Protocol ecosystem. It is designed to facilitate various operations such as governance, staking, protocol fees and as a medium of payment for operators.

Fair Launch Mechanism:

The WARD token distribution will adopt a fair launch mechanism. This approach ensures a wide and equitable distribution of tokens, preventing market manipulation and ensuring a rapid distribution of stakeholders and community governance.


Warden Protocol will distribute WARD to stakeholders to incentivise behaviours that add value to the Warden ecosystem.

  • Ecosystem & Community Incentives - these incentives will be used to grow the ecosystem and further the long-term interests of the protocol,

  • Developer Incentives - these incentivises are for developers building and deploying applications on Warden. Additionally, an Activity Mining Programme will be launched rewarding applications that reach certain milestones (e.g. total value locked, monthly active users), and their users.

  • R&D Programmes - where Warden Protocol would benefit from additional core functionailty, or integrations, Warden will commission work to developer teams to contribute to the core execution layers of the protocol.

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Phase 1: Offchain

This phase will start this Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 7pm UTC and will last until we announce our first official Testnet. To participate, you will need to join our GuildXYZ page and complete the Galxe & Zealy quests that are listed there.


  • You will participate in the Genesis WARD Raffle Campaign to enter other quests.

  • You will participate in a WARD raffle for each Galxe quest.

  • You will earn XP that will allow you to join the top 500 on Zealy (with surprise rewards to be expected ).

How to participate?

The Galxe raffles winners will be announced once the raffles are over, to check the Zealy leaderboard, go to:

Finally, make sure you join our Discord server and pick the “Genesis” role to keep up with the quests:

What’s next?

Once our “Buenavista” incentivized testnet is announced, we’ll end this first phase and take a snapshot of the Zealy leaderboard as well as we’ll collect the winners for each Galxe quests. This will lead to the launch of Phase 2 that will introduce onchain quests on top of the offchain quests through our custom-made leaderboard - in particular with SpaceWard.

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