Published May 1, 2024
By Team Warden

Introducing YieldWard: Elevating WARP's Role in the Future of the Warden Protocol Ecosystem

In recent weeks, we've shared exciting developments about how WARP is set to revolutionize the concept of airdrop points. Airdrops are a powerful form of user incentive, and these incentives should be liquidity and transferable! Through tokenization, WARP enables gamification, liquidity and transferability among users. Our vision is to go beyond the traditional experience points utilized in numerous projects - so, what's new?

Say hello to YieldWard

Firstly, WARP’s journey does not conclude with the snapshot for the WARD TGE. We want WARP to continue playing a significant role within Warden - powering one of Warden's killer OApps.

YieldWard is our second ecosystem OApp scheduled for deployment during the Buenavista testnet. YieldWard, an innovative omnichain application, harnesses the full potential of the Warden Protocol. It facilitates native yield on Warden, using our bridge powered by Axelar. In the YieldWard ecosystem, WARP will serve the utility token for fee payments, collateral, and governance.

Burning 98.14% of the supply

Furthermore, we have an important update regarding WARP's supply. Previously, we announced that 245,325,000 tokens, which constituted 98.14% of the supply, would be permanently locked. Why? This portion of supply would never vest or be used. So, in alignment with our commitment to enhancing value and efficiency within our protocol, we have now burned all of these locked tokens.

The final total supply of WARP is now 4,675,000, with 26% designated for the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) to ensure broad community participation, and 59% allocated to the WARP points campaign. Holders of WARP will not only benefit from eligibility in the WARD airdrop on a 1:1 basis, but will also enjoy continued WARP utility within the YieldWard application.

We are immensely proud to adopt this simple, community-first approach for the token powering YieldWard. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build and enhance the Warden Protocol ecosystem together.